Our Services

PRIME ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING CO. L.L.C., an Electro-mechanical Contracting Co. is a contracting firm, registered in Dubai since 1998 and have been executing contracts of all kinds in Design, Utilities & Infrastructure scope all around in the U.A.E. We maintain high standards of quality at par with industry standards to provide best results to our customers. Hence, the strategic and reliable services provided by us help you to optimize operations and profit to the maximum.

Power Station

Sub Station

A well prepared set of services which includes installation from first to fifth stage is provided. With proper attention given to detailed aspects of power station like cabling, testing of electrical and auxiliary equipments, we strive to provide you high performance power stations.


Immense attention is given by us to include all the essential features of substation in our services. Therefore the services for substation consist of high voltage switchgear, fire fighting system, cooling system, drainage system, auxiliary low voltage AC supply and similar other essential supplements.


Transmission System

Street Lighting

It is important to have an efficient transmission system in order to get the full leverage of the high performance generation system. Hence we provide carefully structured transmission systems which consist of LV power and control cables, HVDC lines for great distance feasibility and AC power lines.


Efficient street lighting across the work area is essential in order to carry out operations in perfect order. We provide you best options for connectors, fuses, junction boxes, luminaries, lamps and photoelectric controls along with other necessary assistance for installation of an extensive street lighting system.